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Tennessee Waltz: Art Print Christina Alford

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Tennessee Waltz: Art Print

Item #: Tennessee Waltz: Art Print

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This print was inspired by the place where it all began for me: The Blackhawk Schoolhouse. This schoolhouse was built in The early 1900s, and in the late 90s, my grandfather began using it to host a local Opry. As a child, I absorbed all the classic country, rock n roll, bluegrass, and southern gospel that came from that stage. My grandfather always had me around helping him with guests, setting up speakers, and sometimes, I would even play on stage too.

In March of 2023, a massive tornado came through and destroyed the structure leaving the building in ruin. This painting is a tribute to the amazing legacy of the building, and the lasting effect its music has had on me.

The print is titled "Tennessee Waltz" after the first song that my grandfather ever taught me and that I ever sang at the Blackhawk Schoolhouse.

Tennessee Waltz: Art Print

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