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March 29, 2023   |  Interviews

The Delta's uber-creative young artist, Christina Alford, April Issue of Life in the Delta Magazine

The Delta's uber-creative young artist, Christina Alford, just wrapped up a most successful gallery show at The Cotton House in Cleveland. It was the biggest show the Cotton House had ever hosted. Christina reveals her heart and soul on her canvas. She captures memorable sunsets, sunflowers, and woodland paths reminiscent of her native Carroll County. Her personality shows through those Delta scenes, alive with vibrant colors and an aura of happiness.

However, the most notable fact about her unique style is that she threw away her paintbrushes years ago. Christina's magic is literally in her fingers. She is a finger-painter. She is also self- taught.

The 20-year-old home-schooled Delta State senior was already an accomplished songwriter and musician when she decided to try her hand at painting five years ago. She began watching YouTube painting videos and discovered the late great American painter and teacher Bob Ross. Christina persuaded her parents to buy her his deluxe oil painting kit; the rest is history.

However, as she began to show her work at festivals and exhibitions, people were always commenting that her work looked like Bob Ross's. Christina thought, "I want my painting to reflect me! I need to develop my own style." Back to YouTube. She began to research other techniques and stumbled upon finger painting. "I was flabbergasted!" she says. Curious and willing to experiment, she began to paint with her fingers. She was hooked. It just fell into place.

Christina's creative journey began in her childhood with the freedom to roam the woods behind her home near Black Hawk, Mississippi. She had so much time to invent her own games, find her own entertainment, and just be creative. Each member of her family played a significant role in encouraging her creative interests.

She credits her musical grandfather with encouraging her musical talents. He signed her up for her first piano lessons. He enlisted her "help" at his monthly local "opry" event on Saturday night. She rubbed elbows with the local gospel and classic country musical acts. Apart from his encouragement, she learned to "do" music in a way she would never have.

Her graphic designer father recognized her artistic abilities. Still, he managed the restraint and balance to let her find her voice and style. Christina credits her mother with instilling a strong work ethic and a love for learning in her and her brother. The family's influence runs through everything she is doing now and aspires to do in the future. "My parents let my brother and me embrace who we were and encouraged us to go in the direction we wanted," Christina says.

While studying classical music at Mississippi Delta Community College in her freshman year, she discovered their Entertainment Industry program. She fell in love with the industry side of playing and producing and the whole "studio" realm of making music. A big plan for her future began to form in her mind.

Delta State University was the perfect next step for Christina. She has access to a strong entertainment industry program, exceptional musical studio facilities, and opportunities to pursue her painting.

After receiving her bachelor's degree in entertainment industry entrepreneurship in May, there is no downtime for this young lady. She will immediately jump into the MBA program in the entertainment industry.

Christina dreams of eventually blending her painting and songwriting into a career. Something tells me she will do it with style and excellence! See for more info and to get information about Christina's upcoming exhibitions and her musical releases. Many upcoming events there. Find her also on Facebook at Christina Taylor Alford Artist.

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