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Daisy Necklace  Christina Alford

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Daisy Necklace

Item #: cta-mscollection-daisy-necklace

$100.00 USD


Category: The Mississippi Collection

In the deep woods of Mississippi you will find places like this: little slices of heaven that seem too good to be true. These peaceful places are tucked away behind thick groves of trees and bushes; however, they are so worth finding and treasuring. They are numbered with thousands of wildflowers, beautiful ponds, and clear blue skies.

Daisy Necklace is a 16x20 oil on canvas. It would be a perfect piece in a living space, kitchen, dinning room, office, or it would make a great gift!
Daisy Necklace
Daisy Necklace
Daisy Necklace

Mooful Colors

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Joy Comes in the Morning

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Delta Snow

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This painting has been sold. If you would like to commission a similar piece, please contact Christina! This is a beautiful Framed Cotton Field oil painting!!!! It is a must have for anyone in the Mississippi Delta. The texture on this painting is something you must see! LEARN MORE  Learn More
Tractor in the Hayfield

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