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Don't miss Christina Alford's debut 'YOU'RE NOT CRAZY' Album Pre-Release Event on April 28th in Cleveland, MS!

Make plans to visit Christina Alford for her debut EP pre-release at the COTTON HOUSE in Cleveland, Mississippi on April 28th from 5-7 p.m. The pre-release party is the ONLY WAY to get your hands on the E.P. before its release on August 25th! The event will feature the sale of "You're Not Crazy" CDs as well as original fine artwork, prints, merch, and more! After the party, pre-orders will be available on her website

Christina’s debut E.P. titled "You’re Not Crazy" encompasses her journey from young musician to an artist and songwriter. The song “Tennessee Waltz” was the first song her grandfather ever taught her. That song became her most-loved cover while she learned to sing and played local gigs. As she dove into the world of songwriting, Christina wrote her pop song “You’re Not Crazy”, and a few years later, she penned her romantic country ballad “Ours”. Her song “Fell For It” is a pop anthem with its catchy chorus and fun lyrics.

Every song on the E.P. has a painting that helps set the mood or to tell the story. Painting is an important part of Christina’s self expression and her paintings give even greater depth to the songs. The painting for “Tennessee Waltz” is inspired by her grandfather’s music venue called the Blackhawk School House. There, she learned about the world of music and played with local underground country and bluegrass legends. In March 2023, the Blackhawk School House was destroyed by a tornado, and Christina decided to add this addition to the project in memory of the cherished venue. The painting for “You’re Not Crazy” is inspired by the song’s spunk and upbeat feel. Its colorful cow is a fun play on the title. Christina created the painting for “Ours” with a sunflower and a sunrise in mind. According to symbolism, the sunflower represents love and loyalty while a sunrise represents growth and new beginnings. The “Fell For It” painting is an abstract piece inspired by all the emotions and craziness of realizing that you were tricked.

The E.P. "You're Not Crazy" will officially be available on all streaming platforms on August 25th. The pre-release party is the ONLY WAY to get your hands on the E.P. before its release!

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